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  • Clara

Getting Active.

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Let's play a little game. I am going to ask you some questions and think if this applies to you:

I’m too old to start.

I will start next week.

I wish I was just brave enough to do it.

I don’t feel like it

I don’t have the motivation.


Now let's see if you answered yes to any of these this blog may be useful for you. Coming from a self diagnosed procrastinator a person who answered yes to all of these questions previously i can tell you getting started is the hardest thing. Once you have a routine, understand what you are doing and have confidence in yourself it becomes tremendously easier. However this is not much help for you. I'm sure you've read all of this. There is nothing new under the sun and this is a prime example. Humans thrive in a routine. Our brains work better when we know what is coming. Making a drastic change like working out or starting a new sport is a change in your presisting routine, meaning we know it's going to be hard. I assume ( I may be wrong) that you don’t look at working out in a favorable manner, you rather see it as a tool to reach your goals. For example when going to school everyday going to school isn't your goal but you need to go to school to receive education to then settle into the workforce. This blog is just my experience and like how we are different people, the different methods which work for me may differ for you . Take this as a grain of salt. I am one of the millions of strangers preaching and sharing their life experiences. You are the only one who knows your body so LISTEN to it.

On the first day you usually have a lot of energy, adrenaline and hope which pushes you through. As quickly as the exercise is over your hope and drive floors suit leaving you demotivated for the next day. The key is it doesn't matter what you do, it matters if you get yourself to do it and if you can develop a new routine. Eventually you can change the content of your workout but as long as it is challenging but you can complete it you are on the right track. Just showing up even if it's for 5 mins showing up makes a difference. That also means no leaving it for another day. If you haven't started, ask yourself what is stopping you from doing it today and how you can overcome those obstacles so you can start. It's not a perfect strategy but a little bit of guilt can motivate you.

Your goal for working out is different then mine as we are complex humans with complex pasts however it's important to remember why you are working and what you are working for. Your goals and objectives may change however for your drive to sustain you need a SMART goal. Specific, Measurable, Achievable. Relevant, Time bound. If your goal checks the 5 points you are well on your way to developing a routine.

Remember that this is not a smooth journey like life, it is hard so don’t expect it to be easy. Find friends, a partner, family members and a community to help you through it. Learn to listen to your body and its cues. You take one step back but keep stepping forward.


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