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Clara Foundation for the future collage

Well hello there. You actually came to read more about me, how impressive. I hope this serves as a brief synopsis so you can understand me and my life a little better.

  • I'm from South Africa. A few years ago my family and I made the big decision to move to England. Life in a new country is not easy leaving me with a few hurdles I had to jump through. From navigating social groups, to finding my identity as well as the added challenge of being a teenager.

  • While currently studying IGCSE's i wish to go in to academics when I'm older but for now you will catch me huddled under a massive pile of blankets studying or on the stage performing.

  • My parents are warriors in their own right, one a corporate rock star and the other a doctor in dentistry. Two very influential people who taught me how to traverse through everyday life.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are logical, ambitious and respectful. Apart from my apparent good qualities I have an incredibly short fuse being the first to point out if something is wrong.

You all know the saying an organized mess, well, that is my life. Ready to come along on this journey with me? 

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