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  • Lucas

Custom Schooling: Is it really that expensive?

For those of you who think custom schooling seems right for you, costs is still a humongous aspect. Custom schooling is by no means cheap and knowing where to cut the costs is a good idea. Here’s a breakdown of the costs to see if custom schooling really is good for you:

  • $200 per week for all academics ($50 per 4 subjects per hour)

  • $225 for a sport, an art, and a second language ($100 for a sport, $75 for an art, 50 for second language per hour

  • $50 for social activity per hour

All this will amount to about $12300 per year adding $1000 for miscellaneous. This is also considering that the child is learning at the same efficiency as in normal school even though he has private tutors for each subject. On average, a private school in the USA costs $12000 USD ($11300 for elementary, $15800 for high school) per year. The cost breakdown about private schooling is calculated in CAD. If you used the money needed for private schooling and used it for a US elementary, you would end up spending around $9000, which would land you in a sub-par elementary. The most valuable aspect to consider here is of course, time. Going to school contains an uncountable amount of things slowing children down. The time driving, chatting, not focusing, zoning out, are just a few off the top of my head. Meanwhile for custom schooling its like a concentrated version of education where there are no limits or slow-downs on the child’s speed of learning and taking everything in.


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