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How to dig deep in Custom Schooling

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

School never felt quite right for me, as I mentioned in my previous blog. If you're interested in hearing more about my experiences, feel free to read it. In this blog, I want to discuss the concept of custom Learning and help you determine if it might be a good fit for you.

Custom Learning is an approach that empowers students to decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and who they want to learn from. For example, let me share how my two sisters and I approach our education. While we share an English teacher, I have a science teacher who I began learning from in grade 8. My sisters attend group math lessons, while I have a private tutor. We also learn a second language from a private teacher, and pursue music lessons in different ways: my youngest sister learns piano from our mom, while my other sister and I take private lessons. I've recently started learning music improvisation. Additionally, I learn about business and investing from my dad, while my sisters explore painting with our mom. To broaden my knowledge on subjects I'm interested in, I take MasterClass courses, such as Crypto, sales, thriller writing, and music production. For physical education, my sisters and I play golf daily and have weekly lessons with our golf trainer. In terms of socializing, I attend online classes based on my interests, which has led to me making even more friends than I did in school. I think this is because I can meet people from around the world and those who share my interests.

Academically, since starting custom schooling, we've gotten ahead by a few grades due to the freedom to explore whatever we're interested in. To ensure that we still qualify for college, we enrolled in an organization that assesses our work and provides a scorecard every term. They will grant us a high school graduation certificate if we meet their standards for graduation. Based on their assessment, all of us are about 1-2 grades ahead of our age.

school supplies falling on a desk

You might be wondering about the cost of this type of education. It does require a significant investment, but compared to private schools, the prices are actually quite similar. The most crucial aspect of the custom schooling experience is the role of the parents. Without their guidance and discipline, it's challenging for a child to reach their full potential. Parents need to devote time to helping their child set goals and stay on track.

Custom schooling offers several benefits, including opening a child's mindset beyond the traditional academic path. In school, the focus is often on getting good grades to get into a better college, but custom schooling allows a child to try anything that piques their interest, whether or not it's in the curriculum. It also broadens their horizons, allowi

ng them to experience anything they want to try, from music production to wakeboarding. If a child finds a sport or hobby they enjoy, custom schooling enables them to explore it in depth instead of only trying it over the summer break. Additionally, the connection between the family strengthens since the child spends more time at home. Teachers are also a critical aspect of the custom schooling environment, and students can choose any teacher with any teaching style at any time, giving them unprecedented freedom. With a supportive environment, students can work to their full potential without limitations or obstacles.

Custom schooling is a new way of finding our path through education that has never before been done. The school system has gone for a long time without change to fit the current community which is evolving faster than school can catch up with. With custom schooling, it can help a child unlock their drive and interests, giving them a whole new perspective and experience.


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